Top 10 Difference Between RAM and ROM,DRAM, It Types and Full form

RAM & ROM These two words we heard always. But, what is the difference between RAM and ROM, even many people don't know about it very deeply.

So, I decided that today we discuss this topic and gathering much knowledge about it. We discuss this topic step by step. So let's start now-

  • What is RAM and ROM with an example?

  • ROM or RAM full form.

  • What is the difference between RAM and ROM?

  • What are the types of ROM and RAM?

  • Why is RAM bigger than ROM?

  • How works computer memory?

Hello guys, I told you all of the fundamentals of the difference between RAM and ROM, very important things I share in this article. So sincerely read this article began to the end.

What is RAM and ROM With an Example?

What is RAM?

It is a volatile memory. Its full form is Random Access Memory (RAM). It stored data and process Applications or software for limited times.

When power off of the system then It doesn't process data. In the short term, It is a temporary memory of the system.

Actually, Random Access Memory (RAM) is a memory that stored data or programs which process by the CPU (Central Processing Unit) in real-time.

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Also, you called it the very fastest memory. It works much faster from another memory such as HDD, SDD, etc.

It can be read, written, erased data any number of times. you know, "how many types of RAM exists."

2 types of RAM -
  • SRAM

  • DRAM.


SRAM full form Static Random Access Memory (SRAM). Actually, it gives the constant power supply to hold information in the computer memory.

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Although SRAM is Quicker than DRAM. But SRAM is very expansive and its catch data and per information per unit volume. Also, it's called catch memory only.

Its chip internal structure manufactures very complexly. For this reason, most of the cases Dynamic RAM use in the computer motherboard.

MOSFET is a popular S-RAM type. SRAM access time around is 10 nanoseconds but DRAM access time around is 60 nanoseconds. It's cycle time is shorter than Dynamic Random Access Memory because it doesn't need to refresh.


Its full form is Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM). This is the common part of the RAM. Normally these types of RAM use most of the cases.

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It used personal computers, workstations, and servers. Actually, SRAM is much expansive, for this reason, most of the cases use it on computers.

It will store bits of data that we called storage. Also, It is a type of semiconductor memory that uses stored bits of data.

5 types of DRAM-

  • Synchronous DRAM (SDRAM)

  • Rambus DRAM (RDRAM)

  • Double Data Rate SDRAM (DDR SDRAM)

  • Fast Page Mode DRAM (FPM DRAM)

  • Extended Data Out DRAM (EDO DRAM)
What is ROM?

It is a non-volatile memory. Its full form is Read-Only Memory. Read-Only Memory (ROM) is a type of storage that the data and programing stored permanently on the computer(PC) or another electronic device.

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This means It can not be changed. It contains the programming needed to start a computer which is essential for boot up. Also, It holds some software instructions and input/output tasks.

ROM full form is Read Only Memory

Also, It stores all data even when power is off, It can be caught data permanently. many people think that the ROM or Hard Disk is the same things but they are wrong.

It is preset with the motherboard when we buy it. Also, it is very slower than Random Access Memory (RAM). This is the very important things of difference between RAM and ROM.

5 Types of ROM

  • Masked Read-Only Memory (MROM)

  • Programmable Read-Only Memory (PROM)

  • Erasable and Programmable Read-Only Memory (EPROM)

  • Electrically Erasable and Programmable Read-Only Memory (EEPROM)

More information

Difference between RAM and ROM

dissference between ram and rom

DifferenceRAM ROM
VolatilityIt is a volatile memory.It is a non-volatile memory.
Data RetentionIt is a temporary store data. When power off, then it loses all of these data.It is store data permanent. Whether there is power or not, it doesn't matter.
Type of workHere store all of these data can be written or read at any time.Here store all of these data does not write can only be read.
UseHere store all of these data currently processed by the CPU.Here store all of the software instructions required during boot up PC.
SpeedIt is a very fast memory.It is very slower than RAM.
SizeIt is the large sizeIt is a small size
CapacityIt's capacity very highIt's capacity lower.
Used inThe primary cache memory of the CPU.Mico-controllers and Firmware.
PriceIt is costly.It is cheaper than RAM.
AccessibilityStores' data are easily accessible.Store's data are not easily accessible like a ram.
Storage capacityIts storage capacity is 4 to 8 MBIts storage capacity is 1 to 256 GB.
TypeIt is 2 type - SRAM or DRAMIT is 5 types -

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