Hacker Definition & 9Types Of Hacker like a expert guide

We should know a lot of time hacked bank account, email account, Facebook account, etc. But many people don't know "who is a hacker and what is a hacker definition? How hackers do it? how many types of hackers have on the internet?

Today's topic is hacking. We discuss step by step on of all hacker types. Actually, you gain much knowledge of hacking.

First of all, we discuss-

  • Who is a hacker?/what is a hacker definition?

  • How many types of hackers have in the world?

  • What they do it?

  • Who is the best hacker in the world?

  • How to protect yourself from hackers?

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Who is a hacker?/what is a hacker definition?

Hacker is a term. Hacker is an individual who knows all of the computer, networking, and other skills. But most of the time hackers mean who is associated with illegal activities.

All hackers don't associate with illegal activities. But good or bad hackers have in the world. Actually bad hackers associated with illegal activities.

Companies important data theft, identity theft and all of the illegal work done by bad hackers.

Actually, this term referred to a clever or expert computer programmer, who can gain unauthorized access to other computers and networks.

hacker definition

The hackers can hack systems or software through his method. They create always a new method to crack system software. Hackers can hack through his multiple hacking techniques.

Hacking refers to cracking a network or computer system and entering it. Actually, hacking is identifying weaknesses in the computer system or any networks.

Example of hacking: using a password cracking algorithm. Easy password hacks easily.

It is doesn't legal. Actually, we say it a common word illegal activity. Hackers can be anyone and they can be individuals like you or me.

Hacking means fraud, privacy invasion, stealing corporate office data, and personal data, etc. Other terms called illegal activity.

But hackers are very sharp and don't easy to catch them. They are always using different IPs of hacking time. So, I understand that your thought totally clear about the hacker definition.

9 Types of Hackers In The Hacking Industry

Many times we think hacking is totally illegal or hackers have done always a fraud. But all hackers don't illegal work. Good or bad hackers have them.

It means Different types of hackers have here. But only three types of hackers are very famous in the hacking industry such as a White hat, Black hat, Gray hat hackers.

I gave below the hacker's type list.

Hackers type-

  • Script kiddie

  • White hat hackers

  • Black hat hackers

  • Gray hat hackers

  • Green hat hackers

  • Red hat hackers

  • Bluehat hackers

  • Hacktivist

  • social media hackers
Here we discuss 10 types of hackers. I tell detailed on these hackers step by step.

Script Kiddie Definition

Normally script kiddie called to hackers. But all hackers don't call script kiddie. In the short term script, kiddie is the first step of hackers.

Because of this time, they don't know totally hacking information. It means they start to learn to hack.

script hacker
script kiddie

This time they try to hack some easy network and system such as wifi password hacking, etc. They are use premade hackers software and tools made by professional hackers.

Because at this time, they don't have enough knowledge to make the script themselves. Now they have an initial stage of hacking.

For this reason, they try to hack any network and get involved in various problems. In the short term script kiddie can be the any-one person.

It must be noted that the "kiddie" word means doesn't only young people. It covers both young and old people. 12 years old boy and 65 years old man can be "script kiddie".

Other facts script kiddies have zero knowledge about the functionality of systems and tools. They just download tools and launch an attack on the targeted system or network.

Example- a young Canadian Michael Calce was arrested for using existing tools to launch (DDoS) attacks on popular websites such as Yahoo, Bing, etc.

White Hat Hacker Definition

White hat hackers is a computer specialist who protects system and networks. We called them good hackers. Because they don't harm for common people.

They don't theft personal information and companies' important data. Actually they are protected these.

They look whole on the system and try to build up a stronger wall that black hat hackers don't entire here.

white hat hacker definition
white hat hacker

White hat hackers use their skills to improve system security or system vulnerabilities. Actually, they protect us from malicious code and hackers.

White hat hackers don't associate with illegal activities. They work legally. Also, white hat hackers are called "Ethical hackers".

They are Research on open-source software. Also, they were fined system vulnerabilities and fix the system or software bug.

Many companies hired white hats for their system and security improvement purposes. White hats appeal to charge big money for this work.

Some big companies hire a white-hat hacker them permanently and they give money through the salary system. It means white hats hackers serve as companies employee. Their salaries are enormous.

Even the government needs white hat hackers. Because when hackers attack government websites and try to theft government important data then need a professional white-hat hacker. I think clear all white hat hacker definition.

Because of, Only white hat hackers could be data secure from bad hackers. For this reason, all of the country's governments hire a hacker for his country's security.

Also, the government hires ethical hackers. Ethical hacker salary in India approximately starting Rs1Lakhs. This is amazing.

Most Famous white hat hackers

  • Marc Maiffret is a famous hacker. He worked for Microsoft company. Now he is a co-founder of a security company and BeyondTrust company's chief technology officer.
  • Kevin Mitnick is another famous hacker. Once upon a time he most wanted cybercriminal of America. Mitnick was arrested in 1995 and he served only 5 years jail. Thereafter Mitnick became a white-hat hacker with brush law and now he runs a security consulting firm.
  • Tsutomu Shimomura is a responsible white-hat hacker who helped to catch Mitnick. He is a computer scientist and a physicist. He has worked for NSA.

Black Hat Hacker Definition

black hat hacker
Black hat
The term black hat hacker comes from old western movies. Here shown good guys means white hat and bad guys means black hat.

Black hat hackers find system vulnerabilities and exploit them for personal financial gain. Black hat hackers are working illegally. They are very dangerous for our society.

Actually, black hat hackers are totally opposite from white hat hackers. White hat hackers stealing person company's and big company's important data.

They are hack only for own. They are created own hacking technique and try to many ways hack. Normally script kiddies are uses these hackers script, tools, and software.

Black hat hackers spread malicious viruses to the computer or networks and theft credit cards, debit card numbers.

Best Famous black hat hackers

  • The FBI's most wanted black hat hacker is Nicolae Popescu. Many charges were applied to his in 2012 such as passport fraud, money fraud, wire fraud, etc. The Fbi offers up to $1 million for arrest Nicolae Popescu.
  • The second FBI's most wanted black hat hacker is Evgeniy Mikhailovich Bogachev. On 22 August 2012, many charges were applied to his such as bank fraud, computer fraud, identity theft, etc. The U.S government offering up to $3 million to arrest him.

Gray Hat Hackers Definition

Gray hat hackers violate ethical standers and principles but without malicious intent. Actually, a gray hat hacker means the middle of the white hat and gray hat hackers.

It means a gray hat hacker is neither "good guys" nor "bad guys". Gray hat hacking doesn't legal. It is illegal.
Grey hat hacker
Grey hat

These type hackers don't take permission to the organizations or company of the hacking time but their intention isn't harmed like black hat hackers.

Famous gray hat hackers

1. Albert Gonzalez was the leader of a hacker group ShadowCrew. They worked illegal activities such as theft credit card/debit card numbers, health insurance card numbers, birth certificates, etc.

2. He collected more than 170 million credit and ATM card numbers some years ago. He attacked the TJX companies database. Now he has in prison and would release him in 2025.

3. Kevin Poulsen is a famous gray hat hacker. Also, he has known "Dark Dante". He hacked radio stations' phone lines. He came into the FBI wanted list when he hacked into federal system and theft wire trape information.

4. Poulsen changed his way after released from prison in 1995. Thereafter he rejoins in journalist.

5. Jonathan James starts hacking at a young age. He hacked NASA's network for learning how the International Space Station worked.

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Green Hat Hackers definition

Also called them "noob". These hackers who are fresh in the hacking world and face many problems. At this time has zero knowledge of them.

Actually, hacker's colors are divided to identify the purpose. Actually, you say these beginner hackers.

They have totally zero knowledge of the hacking world. Script kiddies have some knowledge of hacking but green hat hackers don't have any knowledge of hacking.

They have done small hacking such as wifi password hack. Their intention doesn't harmful. They hacked only for own need.
Green hat hacker
Green hat
The green hat hacker is a newbie and like as script kiddie but some different from them. They are totally fresh but want to learn full hacking.

Red hat hackers

Red hat hackers are known, vigilante. They are hacking with their own rules or technique. Some time red hats can be dangerous from black hats.

Grey hat hacker

Actually, they called malicious hackers or they are launched a full-scale attack.

They uploaded viruses for an attack to the hacker's computer.

They shut down malicious hackers viruses and red hats try to destroy it. Many times they work to protection own computer and try to entire malicious hacker's computer.

Actually, say that red hat hackers are similar to white hat hackers. Normally they aren't very harmful to common people.

They are very ruthless when they come to deal with other hackers. They would be launching a full series of cyberattacks.

Blue Hat Hacker Definition

Blue hat hackers can be malicious but normally they aren't harmful to common people. they are harmful to any person or company from his personal anger.

Also, they aren't very harmful to us. Blue hat hackers are professional security checker of software companies who checks software loop whole or vulnerabilities before the lunch.

Grey hat hacker
Blue hat

Normally most of the companies are invited them to check the loop whole of their software before the launch.

Blue hat word is very famous for Microsoft company. Because Microsoft company invites them to check security vulnerabilities that help to improve software security.

So, Otherwise, they are called Blue Hat Microsoft Hackers. Window Snyder started an event of the Blue Hat Microsoft Hacker conference.

Here Microsoft engineer or blue hat hackers are meet together and discuss on software security loophole or any weakness.

Hacktivist Hacker definition

Hacktivists are protester of the internet who doesn't only a person. It means hacktivists are a hackers group.

They want to gain public attention through social media platforms. Also, they would break the system infrastructures.

Even they are hacked government or big organizations website only to gain their attention or famous.

Actually, Their intention doesn't harmful but many times they harm themselves unknowingly.

Mainly white hats, black hats or gray hat hackers are very famous in the hacker's industry but hacktivist hacker type doesn't very famous like white or black hats.

Social Media Hackers Definition

social media hackers mean which social media account hacked by hackers. Also, Social media word is very common for every people at this time.

So, what are social media hackers Definition, I think you can understand. Social media means Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.

Grey hat hacker
These types of hackers hack only social media account and the theft of personal information. For this reason, every people would be secure their own social media account.

Normally, These types of hackers aren't professional but many times they hacking with fun.

It means they want to gain the attention of his friends or girlfriends such as friend's Facebook account hack, girlfriend's Facebook account hack, Whatsapp account hack, etc.

I think they aren't very harmful like black hat hackers. But you don't think that the professional hackers can't be social media hackers. This is called social media hacker definition.

Also many hacker images you get on the internet. Many people used hacker wallpaper for your hobby.

How to protect yourself from hackers

we know that hackers can theft our personal identity and fall down the problem to us. So, everybody should know that "how to protect yourself from hackers?"

For this reason, I tell you some important tips that if you do follow then you protect yourself from hackers.

Grey hat hacker
Grey hat hacker

Keep your software up to date

Smartphones companies time to time release system software update that improves phone's security. Also, app developers are release regularly basis the latest version of the android app.

You check often to ensure that your phone's system software and apps have the latest version. These must be important.

Also, your computer's operating system and all computer application are releases regularly basis software update that your computer notify you when an update is available.

Install antivirus and anti-malware software

If you don't have any security software on your PC or laptop, then you immediately install antivirus or firewall software. It stops to entire viruses from the internet.

Also, this antivirus software help to remove malicious files or application that already install in your computer.

Many varieties of antivirus software products available in the market such as free or paid software. But I only recommended you buy paid software. Or don't forget regularly up to date this software.

Only installed trusted applications

Some apps developer makes fraud apps such as malicious application. Normally these applications look like legitimate apps.

These types of apps very dangerous. They can theft your bank account details, identity, etc.

So, be careful when you install any apps. Only install applications from a trusted source such as the google play store. Also when you install any application then check review, rating, etc.

protect Gmail account

Many users create a week Gmail account password such as 123456, etc. Always create a strong email account password.

Remember that when creating an email account then always use one uppercase letter, one small letter, use anyone number 0-9, use a special character such as @, #, $, etc.

Also, you use a two-step verification system in your email/Gmail account. Two-step verification is a stronger password. It came to your mobile number.

It means when you enter the email account's password at login time then you get OTP on your registered mobile number. This OTP enters here or your email account open.

So I recommended two-step verification should be used you.

Safe facebook information

We use Facebook every day. Facebook at this time one of the biggest social media platforms in the world. Facebook hacker cup.

We give us all the information on Facebook when we create our Facebook profile. Here our personal data can be theft.

For this reason, I recommended your original home address, the original date of birth, the original city, etc aren't give here.

Because hackers get all of the information from here. Or most of the important things is the two-step verification system always use on it.

Hackers use the most common technique

many times you can get fraudulent calls from hackers. suppose, you got it SBI executive calls. They say you your ATM card will be closed in 2 days.

Also, they say you that if you want to activate your ATM card then tell your name, date of birth, ATM number, expiry month, ATM PIN, etc.

You didn't understand anything and told him everything. Then you face big problems such as your bank account hacked. So, be aware of these fraudulent calls.