Top 16 Awesome Internet facts-Do you really know?

"Internet facts" is a common word. It means there are many things happening on the internet that we know nothing about. Many people don't know about the internet. Also, "Which website was created first on the Internet?", etc. These are facts about the Internet. So, I tell you Top 16 mindblowing Interesting Internet facts.

Top 16 amazing Information About Internet Facts

1.3 Billion Users are active online, this is the most interesting facts about the internet

More than 3 billion people have used the internet all over the world. And most important thing 1.7 billion users are Asians. Internet Live Stats(ILS) monitors more than 3 billion users who are active on the web.

2. Google reports about internet facts

Google says that they are indexed just 0.004% of all the content available on the internet. This is a very amazing fact about the internet. Also, the 14th October 2018 report says more than 4.4 billion pages are an exit on the internet.

3. Many websites hacked every day

Do you know, that how many websites are hacked every day? More than 50,000 websites are hacked every day. For it's highly using computer programing software that automatically detects vulnerable websites that can be hacked easily.

4.Interesting things on the internet

It will be surprising that the internet requires 50 million horsepower to keep running the current state. There are the most interesting facts about the internet.

The reports of October 2018, more than 1.8 billion websites have on the internet. Of this, 74.7 million business and blog sites exist on the internet. But more than 6 million articles published every day. These are amazing internet facts. Also, has many interesting things on the internet that we don't know.

5. Emails facts of the internet

More than 230 billion emails sent per minute on the internet and its 70% email sent are spam. 2 billion electrons are required to produce a single email. The first email was sent by Ray Tomlinson in 1971. He first invited the email system. The "@" symbol used to understand that the email was successfully sent to a person.

6. Instagram and Facebook facts

more than 90 million photos are uploaded on Instagram every day. But 70% of Instagram posts are not getting seen. Approximately 50% of the user of the internet is on Facebook and 30% of the world population.

7. First tweet and video upload on Youtube

The first Youtube video uploaded by the jawed Karim at 8:27 pm on Saturday, 23 April 2005. This first video topic is "Meet At Zoo". The first tweet was done by Jack Dorsey on 21 March 2006. His fist tweet massage is "just setting up my twitter". Twitter's first name is Twitter. This is the most shocking videos on the internet.

First youtube videos in the world

8. Surface web, deep web, and dark web

The surface web is a small part of the internet. Actually, the internet divided into 3 parts such as surface web, deep web, dark web. We search on google, bing, etc and we get the result, this is the surface web.

But deep web content doesn't index by the search engines. 90% of all internet is the deep web. These are very interesting facts about the internet. Or the dark web is a very small part of the internet. many times you heard dark web is illegal and criminals are used dark web. But this information totally wrong. These are amazing facts about technology.

9. World-first website

The world-first website is now active. This website name is This website makes on basic HTML and here is present text such as hyperlink text, plain text. This is a very shocking website on the internet. It is the most amazing website on the internet.

This is the first website in the world

10. Garfield was created own email service

Garfield the cartoon character was offering the first email service named later Google adopted this service and renamed it Google Mail( that used every people. This is a shocking fact about the world.

11. 7 People control the whole Internet

Yes, you hear right. There are seven people assigned to the ICANN who hold seven different keys. ICANN's full form is Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. In the case of a catastrophe, these seven people can meet again and restore the state of the internet.

12. Many domains name registered every hour

More than 5000 domains name registered every hour. Yes, this is real. So, you can imagine more than 42 million domain names registered a year and 120,000 domain names registered per day. This is unbelievable.

13. 4.9 million apps have on two popular store

More than 4.9 million apps available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Reports of 2016, Google play store received 75 billion downloads and Apple App Store received 25 billion downloads.

14. 51% of internet traffic fake

Research has shown that 51% of all internet traffic is fake and real traffic is only 49%. I think many search engine boats are included in fake traffic. It is so funny mind-blowing facts.

15. First webcam picture

The first webcam was created by the University of Cambridge and here it takes the Trojan coffee pot picture. This is a 128x128 greyscale picture.
First web camera in the world
First web camera in the world

16. 40 billion gadgets are connected at 2020

Research has shown that around 40 billion gadgets are connected to the internet in 2020. All most every people accepting technology and they will perfectly use a smartphone and electronic gadgets.

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