Top 6 Future of Smartphones Prediction Like an Expert guide

Some few years we use the only land phone, keypad small phone. But now we love smartphones. So, a question normally comes to our mind that "what will the future of smartphones technology?" It means "how upcoming mobile technology look like in the smartphone?" I think a big revolution wait for future phone technology.

We see many changes in the mobile phone during the past few years. When didn't available huge storage, touchscreen, high-quality camera, selfie camera, high-performance processor, etc in the phone?

But at this, all of the features are available on the smartphone. Actually, it happened for some years. So, we can hope that some latest technology would come in the future smartphone. For this reason, I predicted some future of smartphone technology that we look into in the future.

The smartphone is addicted to every people. Nowadays we can't live a second without a smartphone. So, I tell you that "what will smartphones of the future look like?" This topic is very interesting so, you read and enjoy it.

6 Amazing Future of Smartphones Prediction

I predict some phone features that can be changed in the future. So, I tell you to step by step. Let's start now.

Mind control technology a part of future smartphones

At this time all smartphone is the touchscreen system. When we search any word in google and any other place then we type a word with a smartphone keyboard. Also, we search any word on google or another place with our voice.

But voice feature we use through the google assistant and Samsung Bixby. This is not a system feature. So, I think the next evolution is mind control. This technology is allowed to perform all the work of the phone.

Also, you read- how hackers are hacking...

You can be done all the work on the phone by your voice. many task control of your mind such as You could open an app with your voice, play any video, take pictures, etc.

Holographic screen available on the futuristic phones

I think the next evolution is Holographic Screen in the smartphone. Smartphone technology being developed day by day. So, can be guessed that this feature would be used in the future phone.

Hologram future of smartphones technology
Hologram future of smartphones

Also, we see holographic screen technology in many Hollywood movies such as "star wars". Scientists at the Human Media Lab at the Quen's University of UK make a new 3D holographic technology that's called "Holoflex".

Recently digital camera maker RED announced that they would be planned world-first holographic phone. They are guessed that it's starting price around $1,200.

Wireless charging future of the smartphones

we can be seen wireless charging features on the upcoming future smartphone. It is very impressive. Charger data cable can't be connected with the phone.

you hold on the phone any place some distance from the charger and it holds on the same hight. Then you see the phone automatically charged.

Also, many electronic gadgets available in the market that help to wireless charge any phone. But after some years, we can be seen the wireless charging feature included in all of the smartphones.

In-display fingerprint sensor

This feature already used some phones. So, we can hope the In-display Fingerprint sensor feature will be available all of the smartphones.

In-display fingerprint sensor
In-display fingerprint sensor
Nowadays, smartphone companies are testing the in-display fingerprint mode's user experience. For this reason, you see this feature include only some phones.

When you touch the phone screen then you see a popup fingerprint sensor wake up on the display. This feature looks so amazing. I loved this feature. your feeling tells us in the comment box.

Flexible display

Recently Samsung company designed his smartphone's flexible display. But this is testing mode at this time. It means company testing for these features.

Flexible Display
Flexible Display
Actually, It called another name folded smartphone. It means this smartphone's display screen you can fold any time and any side.

Also, Flexible display technology being developed day by day. So, we hope the next evolution is the flexible display. This is very interesting.

The transparent display

Many company research on it. Also, the Samsung company some transparent computer screen launch. Here we see only glass and all of the work done on it.

Transparent display
Transparent display

This is so amazing. But recently, this technology doesn't available on the smartphone. So, we can hope that the transparent display feature sees to future of smartphones.

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