why internet slow in rain? Can bad weather affect WiFi?

Today we discuss the topic of "why internet slow in rain?" it means if we notice many times that the internet is very slow on rainy days.

Also the internet slow on bad weather. Now the question is "What are the reasons behind this?" Also, I already wrote the internet about how works.

why the internet slow in rain?

We know that the internet runs on the radio wave. Internet's all data transfer through the radio wave.

The Internet perfectly works when the moisture very low in the air. But On rainy days, the amount of moisture in the air is very high.

For this reason, the internet slows on rainy days. It's the main reason the internet is interrupted on rainy days. Also, I think much reasons available.

Many people use the same time

Also, on rainy days many people have in their own homes. At this time no work of tension in their heads. Actually, at this time everyone mind is free mode.

Internet Slow in rain

So everyone wants to use the internet and to do it. For this reason the internet very slow work.

It is being interrupted by data transmission through the rain for radio, many people are using the Internet simultaneously.

So it is very normal that the net is slow on rainy days.


so, today we know that "why internet slow in rain?" Today's article I written very short. But I think I give you proper information about "why internet slow in rain?" This topic is very interesting.

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