E passport or Biometric passport very quickly launch in India

We many times to know "passport" word. But when we hear "e-passport" then a question comes to our mind "what is e-passport?" So, biometric passport India builds to feature. Many countries biometric passports launched such as biometric passport USA, etc. So, today we discuss an electronic passport.

What is e-passport?

I know that you think why need a biometric passport. what is the difference between a normal passport or e-passport? This question comes to your mind, it's very normal. I totally clear your all doubt today.

Its full form is "Electronic Passport". It's another name such as biometric passport, digital passport, etc. Nowadays we know that a small electronic chip placed on all bank's ATM cards. Just like that, a small electronic chip will be mounted on the passport.

It has been introduced in many countries. And very soon it is going to be launched in India. It's security very high, anyone doesn't create a duplicate passport. Actually, the government wants to launch a biometric passport to stop creates duplicate passports.

Electronic chip scan of this passport then they get all of your information such as retina, fingerprint, face, etc. Also, store data such as your name, date of birth, address, etc. Here 64kb data can be stored.

biometric passport

biometric passport

This electronic chip secure by the PKI security. Its full form is Public Key Infrastructure. It means The electronic chip data encrypted by the Public Key Infrastructure Authentication. So, doesn't easy to hack on it.

Suppose your passport was lost. The person who receives your passport can also misuse it. If you have an electronic chip in your passport, then he can not use it wrong. Normally the government wants to stop these incidents. For this reason, the Indian government wants to launch an electronic passport.

If someone tries to change passport data on an electronic chip then This chip doesn't work. The chip shows an "error" message.

Who can get e-passport?

This electronic passport can get any valid citizen. Now it available multiple countries such as America, UK, France, Belgium, Sweden, Korea, Singapore, Denmark, etc. But It doesn't launch in India.


So, we know that "what is e-passport". I think you get all of your questions answers and I give you some interesting information about technology.

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